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UBS 6000

The UBS 6000 is a multi-functional ultrasonic cutter and convinces by the sophisticated cutting technology built in a robust and hygienic machine.

The plant is equipped with two ultrasonic knives. If baking trays with a size of 200 x 600 mm are cut, the knives automatically travel apart. In this way, 2 baking trays can be cut at the same time. If baking trays with a size of 400 x 600 mm are cut, the knives are close together and thus increase the cutting width.

Products in the baking tray or on a support will be cut in perfect quality by the plant. The individual piece sizes, segments and cutting speeds are freely adjustable via an intuitively operable touch panel.

A conveyor belt will help the operator to convey heavy and large products in the machine. During the cutting process, other products can be positioned and baked goods that have been cut can be removed.

The whole machine structure provides a maximum of hygiene and can be cleaned within a few minutes.

Item No 75000021
  • Double head ultrasonic cutter
  • Industrial version
  • High cutting performance
  • Standard DIN Euro baking trays: 20x60cm, 40x60cm, 80x60cm
  • Hygienic knife cleaning system
  • Easy and rapid cleaning of the machine
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