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SWS 1000

The SWS 1000 is perfectly suitable to cut sandwiches in a production line. The taken over products are automatically aligned and conveyed through the cutting area. Then they can be removed from the conveyor belt or forwarded.

The whole machine structure provides a maximum of hygiene and can be cleaned within a few minutes.

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  • Automatic orientation of the product
  • Product separation
  • Hygienic design according to the EHEDG directives
  • Rapid and easy cleaning
  • Line machine
  • Industrial version
  • Innovative driver system
  • Depending on the product up to 70 sandwiches / min.

Continuous cutting of up to 70 sandwiches per minute.


Additional Modules

  • Remote maintenance module


technical data

Lenght: 3860 mm
Width: 1346 mm
Height: 1695 mm
Weight: ca. 720 kg