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The ultrasonic technique

Ultrasound designates sound waves, which are moving with a frequency of 16,000 Hz or more. At this, the unit Hz describes the number of vibrations in one second. During the production process, the ultrasonic knife will be run through by a sound wave and translated into a mechanic vibration – a noticeable vibration. It vibrates depending on the frequency 20,000, 30,000 or 35,000 times per second (20, 30 or more kHz), which results in a maximum surface friction between the product and the ultrasonic knife. In this way, pressure-free cutting of products is possible and the deformation is minimised.


The use of the ultrasonic technology is suitable to cut soft, creamy, sticky and multi-layer products as well as fresh and frozen products. 

The employees of Döinghaus cutting and more will check in detail, how the products behave in the corresponding individual composition, during ultrasonic cutting and will then optimally adjust the cutting units.

Products cut with ultrasound will convince by a smooth and neat cut as well as by a perfect product surface.

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