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Being an efficient partner for cutting solutions with ultrasound, the company Döinghaus cutting and more produces tailored machines and plants for the bakery and confectionery trade as well as for the food industry.  

Whether you have rectangle or round products, creamy soft, crumbly or layered food, cold or warm material to be cut, products with nuts or other food such as sausages and cheese …

The multi-layered customised requirements are realised with innovative and efficient system techniques. Qualified choice of the correct plant components as well as the planning of the individual modules such as an optimised inflow technique.

It is crucial that the matching drive and control technique will ensure a high flexibility and control technique in the later production process.

This differentiation - use of different installation components will reflect in the versatile product program or in the product line:

Ultrasonic cutting units are installed in Döinghaus cutting machines, for which you can order different ultrasonic blades depending on the intended purpose. At this, you can insert ultrasonic knives with a cutting height of up to 140 mm and a cutting width of up to 385 mm.

Larger cutting widths will be implemented by a combination of ultrasonic knives.

For the bakery and confectionery trade

The product line COMPACT ultrasonic cutter which convinces by its functionality & dynamics. 

They are perfectly suitable to be used in trade and industrial production. With a compact design and functional basic components, this product line impresses with attractive entry level prices. 


Product line BAKERY - forming, cutting, and positioning pieces of dough. 

The machines for baked products made by us will convince by their different performance features. Integrated into existing production lines, they realize an efficient production process.

For the food industry

Product line HIGH PERFORMANCE - ultrasonic cutters which convince by performance & efficiency. 

They are perfectly suitable to be used in industrial production. The excellent technical equipment as well as the variety of cutting options will definitely impress you. 


Product line SPECIAL - ultrasonic cutting lines, which convince by individuality & flexibility. 

These ultrasonic cutting lines will be individually developed for you according to your customer-specific process parameters. At this, the objective is to design an integrated and also a flexible automation solution, if requested.



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