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Service: All one stop

Quality is important to us. 

In this way, we ensure that our competent team will produce your ultrasonic cutter accurately with high-quality components according to the technical specifications. Only when the machine has passed the test runs before our mutual eyes at our premises, it will be prepared for transportation, safely packed and sent.

As soon as you have received the machine, our installation team will be on their way to you. They will set up and install, test and commission the plant – in close cooperation with your employees. 

Only if the commissioning was successful and your employees have the knowledge how to operate it, our work will be completed – provided that you are satisfied. 

If you have any questions regarding the operation later on, if you would like to order spare parts or if any problems or malfunctions occur - our service team will be at your disposal!

You will reach our team under: 

Service phone: +49 (0) 5258 / 21 07 - 800
Service e-mail: servicecuttingandmore.de

Our service team will be at your disposal!

On-site presentation: Ultrasonic cutting – LIVE at your premises!

Are you particularly interested in Ultracut Filou – the sophisticated cutting technology in a very confined space? Then, we will be glad to present you the machine and your options. 

The team of Döinghaus cutting and more will come to your premises with the Ultracut Filou!

Our expert will perform individual cutting tests on your products with you LIVE on site.

This would provide a real impression of the cutting quality, the technical opportunities, of the machine and your personal advantages when using a cutting and more ultrasonic cutter.

This special on-site service is free of charge for you in Germany.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to meet you! 


Advice & Offer: Customized solutions


Please contact us if you are looking for the optimum cutting solutions for your production.

In order to prepare a specific order, we would first need some information. Thus, we would like to ask you first: 

What kind of products would you like to cut? How much would you like to cut? How is the consistency of the products? Which are the special and technical conditions on site? …

Our consultants will be glad to clarify these questions in a personal conversation with you. They will visit you, inspect your production, record the framework data and discuss the optimum cutting solutions with you.

If all requirements and the technical equipment are clearly formulated, our design team will develop your individual ultrasonic cutter or design the optimum cutting product line. With the knowledge about the machine type, the material usage and time requirement will be calculated. 

In this way, you will receive an individual offer from us.

Dieter Döinghaus
Tomas Knoop

Test run: Mutual quality test

As a quality manufacturer of individual ultrasonic cutting solutions we are aware that: The precision is decisive! Thus, we put our ultrasonic cutters to the acid test before delivery. 

With customised and multi-layered requirements, the innovative technique will be tested step by step - or well said cut by cut. This will be performed with different product samples. Depending on the product structure and the physical state, the corresponding optimum machine setting will be determined.

We will mutually check the cutting quality! Only after your quality release, the machine will leave our factory. 


Commissioning: Start - as soon as everything is running well!


Being a manufacturer of high-quality and individual ultrasonic cutting solutions, our experts will perform a reliable installation on site. Their work would only be completed, after having performed the test runs and you and your team can commission the delivered machine plant. 

In order to ensure performance of the machines in the long run, our experts will share their knowledge to your employees which will allow them to confidently operate the plant.

If you have any questions regarding the operation later on or if any problems or malfunctions occur - our service team will be at your disposal! We will access your machine system via remote maintenance and search for the solution.

In any emergency, you will reach our team under:

Service phone: +49 (0) 5258 / 21 07 - 800 
Service e-mail: servicecuttingandmore.de

Our service team will be at your disposal!

Maintenance: Guarantor for a long service life


The availability of the plant technique is of utmost importance in the multi-layered production environment. 

With the conclusion of a maintenance contract we assume the task of the regular maintenance. We will coordinate the dates, perform the maintenance and document the machine life - in order to relieve you.

With continuous maintenance and repair, your will may rely on a reliable machine run time and a prolonged service life of your cutting plant.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like to conclude a maintenance contract.

Service Hotline


However, if a machine breakdown or a malfunction occurs, our service team will be at your disposal!

In this case, please contact us under:

E-mail: servicecuttingandmore.de or by phone: +49 (0) 5258 / 21 07 - 800

Our team and an experienced international network of service partners will support you. In case of need, our experts will respond promptly. We will long on your machine system via remote maintenance and search for the solution. All necessary steps will show up then and decisions will be taken. 


Spare parts: For a trouble-free machine function

Do you need a spare part for your Döinghaus cutting and more machine?

In order to be able to help you quickly and efficiently, please indicate your machine type and the serial number.
You will find this information on the type plate on the machine.

Then, please contact us under: servicecuttingandmore.de

Or call us: +49 (0) 5258 / 21 07 - 800


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