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Ultrasonic cutting technology

Our core competence

The ultrasonics are perfectly suitable to cut soft, creamy, sticky, multi-layer or frozen food products precisely, evenly and hygienically. The blade vibrates up to 20,000, 30,000 or 35,000 times per second and thus slides effortlessly through different products. The surface friction is reduced to a minimum by the vibrations – the cut without pressure does not cause any traces of forming at the cutting edges.

The high degree of our production depth up to the proper manufacturing of the used ultrasonic components is a special advantage of our cutting solutions. Our customers appreciate this consistent high quality Made in Germany.

The right solution for any requirement

Ultrasonic cutting machines of the company Döinghaus cutting and more GmbH & Co. KG are always individually adapted to the requirements of our customers. We offer small solutions for the confectioner, which work perfectly and do not place excessive burdens on the budget. We manufacture high-performance automated cutting machines which have been designed for the food industry and ensure maximum precision at a high number of pieces. In any case, we check the product behaviour of the corresponding product with its special recipe during the cutting process and ideally adjust the machine parameters.

No matter if you commission us in the trade or industrial field: We will always conform with your wishes and impress you with rapid, flexible and compact solutions which will prove their worth in practice.

Our outstanding service - uncomplicated, competent, and always friendly - which also continuously supports after the commissioning of the machine is a special advantage which our customers appreciate.

Each piece is an masterpiece

Our ultrasonic cutting solutions in the field of cakes and pies convince by compact dimensions and a technology sophisticated to the detail. Variable piece sizes and shapes, segments and cutting speeds make versatilely usable allround talents of our machines. Inserting the products and the operation of the machine quite simple and comfortable. Safety systems will prevent reaching into the machine while cutting.

The whole machine assembly offers a maximum of hygiene: It is possible to easily clean parts and surfaces within a few minutes. In the industrial sector, the machines can be automated to a very high degree by corresponding conveyor belts and feeding devices.

Inputting the cutting pattern (recipe) via the touch panel saves additional programming. It is possible to easily upload the saved recipes at any time by simply selecting the name of the recipe. The baking trays and product types, which do not belong to the selected programs, will be identified, and reported by the machine.