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CUT 600

Dough cutter machine with sheet conveyor belt

The CUT 600 is perfect for cutting biscuit rolls or other strand products. With up to 70 cycles / min and adjustable piece sizes, high productivity as well as flexibility is guaranteed. After the cutting process, the products are automatically deposited on a sheet or optionally conveyor belt, so that a time-consuming manual depositing process is no longer necessary.

The desired cutting thickness is entered via an easy-to-use touch panel and stored as a recipe.

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  • Compact machine design
  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • Easy and rapid cleaning of the machine
  • Multi-row covering
  • Automatic depositing on sheet


Additional modules

  • Remote maintenance module
  • Product conveyer belt line-capable


technical data

Lenght: 1898 mm
Width: 970 mm
Height: 1323 mm
Weight: 240 kg