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Ultracut UST

Ultrasonic cutting machine with double-head

The Ultracut UST is predestined for cutting round products. By the use of two synchronously operating ultrasonic knives a high output is generated.

The desired cutting patterns are stored as a recipe in the control system via an easy-to-use touch screen.

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  • Compact machine design
  • Stainless steel frame with height-adjustable feet
  • Cutting head with two synchronously working ultrasonic knives
  • High productivity in a small space
  • Easy operation and invuitive control via touch screen
  • Easy and rapid cleaning of the machine
  • Hygienic knife cleaning system
  • Automatic product centring
  • Line-capable


Additional Modules

  • Remote maintenance module
  • Centring device for "round products"
  • Laser projection system
  • fixable rollers
  • Hygienic knife cleaning system

Technical data

Length: 3504 mm
Width: 1686 mm
Height: 1938 mm
Weight: ca. 750 kg