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USQ Micra

The cross cutter USQ Micra is designed to cut product strands and product carpets. The piece lengths and cutting speeds are freely adjustable via an intuitively operable touch panel.

The whole machine structure provides a maximum of hygiene and can be cleaned within a few minutes..

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Deutliche Steigerung der Effizienz bei einfacher Bedienung und Reinigung

Olaf Stehwien - Konditorei Stehwien


  • Cutting widths
  • Compact machine
  • Cutting in clock cycles or synchronous cutting
  • up to 110 cycles / min.
  • Easy and rapid cleaning of the machine
  • Line-capable

Products: Strand width of up to 300 mm, depending on the Sonotrode with a height of up to about 70 mm for single cuts, batches, cutting in clock cycles or synchronous cutting


Additional modules

  • 20 kHz or 30 kHz technique


technical data

Lenght: 2617 mm
Width: 834 mm
Height: 1644 mm
Weight: ca. 320 kg