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Ultracut Eos

Compact universal cutter with manifold cutter head

The compact Ultracut Eos stands out with its versatility. Using this ultrasonic cutting machine, it is possible to perfectly cut all baking tray sizes of up to 600 x 800 mm and round pies. The products to be cut will be manually inserted into the machine. An encoded carrier plate system ensures a simple and exact centring of the products below the cutting head. A safety light grid at the front protects the operator and immediately switches off when activating the machine.

The machine is equipped with two or more ultrasonic cutters moving towards one another. They will be automatically be positioned depending on the loaded recipe. The desired cutting pattern (recipe) will be entered via an easy-to-operate touchpanel, without the need for an additional programming.

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Die Ultracut Eos ist sehr einfach zu bedienen und liefert ein perfektes Endergebnis.
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Marius Dolde - Bäckerhaus Veit


  • Multi-functional ultrasonic cutter
  • Equipped with a multiple cutting head
  • Compact machine design
  • Cutting on the cutting support or in the baking tray
  • Easy operation via touchscreen
  • Easy and rapid cleaning of the machine
  • Program-controlled knife cleaning with fresh water
  • Integrated KnifeGuard
  • Versatile cutting functions 

Baking tray sizes: Usual baking trays up to 600 x 800 mm
Round products: up to 350 mm


Additional modules

  • Sterilisation with UV light
  • Remote maintenance module


technical data

Length: 1890 mm
Width: 1402 mm
Height: 2100 mm
Weight: ca. 900 kg