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Ultracut Kondus

The Ultracut Kondus such as the Ultracut Terbia Duo is equipped with two or more hight-adjustable cutters. This machine is designed as a return system. After having completed the cutting system, the product will be returned to the operator. At the same time, a new product will be inserted on the other side. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for the one-man operation.

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  • One-man operation
  • High productivity in a small space
  • Intuitive control on the touch-screen
  • Cutting head with ultrasonic knives adjustable relative to one another
  • The “Twin” type is equipped with 2 cutting heads
  • Stainless steel frame with height-adjustable feet
  • Viewing window made of transparent food neutral plastic material
  • Cutting in the baking tray or on the carrier plate
  • Cleaning station with fresh water
  • Integrated KnifeGuard
  • Rapid and easy cleaning
  • Easy accessibility
  • Comprehensive recipe management

Baking tray size: up to 600 x 800 mm
Alternating placement and removal during the cutting process


Additional modules

  • Triangle cutting function
  • Sterilisation with UV light
  • Remote maintenance via LAN


technical data


Length: 2685 mm
Width: 2685 mm
Height: 2200 mm
Weight: ca. 1200 kg


Length: 4485 mm
Width: 2756 mm
Height: 2242 mm
Weight: ca. 1950 kg