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Ultracut Nado

The Ultracut Nado provides the full functionality of an ultrasonic cutter and impresses with its sophisticated ultrasonic cutting technology built in a hygienic machine. Round and square products in the baking tray or on a support will be cut in perfect quality by the plant. The individual piece sizes, segments and cutting speeds are freely adjustable via an intuitively operable touch panel.

A conveyor belt will help the operator to convey heavy and large products in the machine. During the cutting process, other products can be placed and baked goods that have been cut can be removed. The whole machine structure provides a maximum of hygiene and can be cleaned within a few minutes.

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Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit unserer Schneidemaschine, Sie arbeitet sehr akkurat. Unsere Sahne-, Creme, und sogar alle belegten Obstschnitten sowie sämtliche gebackenen Kuchenschnitten werden ganz exakt geschnitten.
Selbst kleinste Gebäcke wie z.B: Unsere „Basler Leckerli“ werden perfekt geteilt. Wir sind wirklich sehr zufrieden.

Petra Weiler-Trölsch - Bäckerei Trölsch GmbH


  • Multi-functional ultrasonic cutter
  • Compact machine design
  • Man-sized doors, full accessibility
  • Cutting freely on the belt and in the baking tray
  • Cutting in the baking tray with tray detection
  • Intuitively operable touch panel
  • Easy and rapid cleaning of the machine
  • Hygienic knife cleaning system
  • Integrated KnifeGuard
  • Comprehensive recipe management
  • Line-suitable
  • Position detection via vision system

Baking tray size: up to 600 x 800 mm
Placement and removal of the products during the cutting process.


Additional modules

  • Triangle cutting function
  • Desinfection station: Sterilisation with UV light
  • Laser projection system
  • Remote maintenance module
  • Centring device for "round products"
  • Fixable rollers


technical data

Lenght: 3460 mm
Width: 1690 mm
Height: 2200 mm
Weight: ca. 700 kg